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What are the Benefits of Solar Film?

What are the Benefits of Solar Film?

What are the Benefits of Solar Film?

Glass films have been available for many years, but what are the benefits of solar film?

What is Solar film?

Solar control window films are an efficient tool to enhance your comfort. The film is a thin self-adhesive material which we recommend is applied to glass by a professional, who make the process look easier than it is. Done correctly you wouldn’t notice that the glass has been filmed.

The Benefits of Solar film

There are many benefits of applying solar film to windows;

  • Lowering heat build-up in rooms
  • Reducing glare which leads to visual comfort and improved productivity – no need for blinds
  • Reducing UV damage to skin and eyes leading which promotes improved health
  • Reduction of fading to furniture carpets and books etc
  • Can be used as a privacy film (can see out but not in, apart from when dark outside this is reversed)

Solar film rejects up to 80% of heat from the sun’s rays and lowers internal temperature. This makes it the most cost effective and energy efficient way to ensure rooms are kept at a comfortable temperature.

 The Appearance of Solar Film

There are several different colours of solar film. The different colours allow different levels of light through windows.

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