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Interesting Clients

Interesting Clients

Interesting Clients

Contacting residents is an everyday occurrence within my role as contract administration support at Waller Associates. Part of the role is to book appointments for our workmen with housing association residents. I often talk to elderly residents who are waiting for leaky taps to be fixed, handrails reinforced and shower adaptions to be completed. You never know what characters you will speak with next. I have been in contact with some interesting clients who are happy to have a chat with me and tell me about their day, and some have been a bit cheeky! No, I won’t be sharing the contents of the some of these conversation!

However, I will share one of the most recent text chats that I had with a resident of one of our other clients. Picture the scene, I’m sat at my desk checking emails, catching up on paperwork etc, very glam I know, when I receive a text message from a guy apologising for not contacting me sooner. He went on to explain that this was due to be flying at the time he received my message. The inquisitive person that I am, okay nosey person, I asked what he flew? I was thinking that the guy would text back, a small aircraft. I was not expecting his response….. ‘Chinook’ he replied! Impressed everybody?

Well I was! It’s not every day you exchange communications with someone close to being in ‘Top Gun’! I know, not quite the same, but it was good enough for me and brightened my day massively. Who knows who I’ll be in contact with next, I can’t wait to find out.

Melissa x

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