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Will Anyone Read This Blog?

Will Anyone Read This Blog?

Will Anyone Read This Blog?

The question is, will anyone read this blog? I do have my doubts, however it seems that everyone is saying that social media is the way forward! I’ve even been on a course and the rather enthusiastic tutor made the online world sound quite convincing. It has to be said that I am somewhat of a dinasour when it comes to social media and technology as a whole but as the sales and marketing guy I should be embracing it, right? So lets give it a bash.

Make it short

Studies have shown that people can concentrate longer by reading from the written page than back lit appliances, so short is best. I have a mate called Eahmon who is short and most people like him, so maybe there’s and ounce of truth there. People will get bored if it’s too long.

Is It Interesting?

I’m led to believe that if it’s not interesting people won’t want to read it. It doesn’t have to be work related all of the time. I’m not overly confident that people will be interested my worldly views but lets give it a go.

Give Tips, Hints and How To’s

People are interested in tips on how to do things. As a building company, I will pass this onto the experts to provide their knowlege for future, fact based interesting blogging.

Social Media

Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter are social media heavyweights but are people interested in a building and glazing company?

We are trying to keep up with an ever changing world, a world in which we never imagined would happen. What would Shakespeare think of it all?

If anyone reads this blog, please let me know by emailing me Read It to and change my world!


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