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Waller Christmas

Waller Christmas

Waller Christmas

This is my second Christmas at Waller World and all the decorations are up! Both the carpark and the yard are alight with multi-coloured, twinkling Christmas illuminations. It’s like Blackpool here but without the sea, I can tell you. In addition, we have sprinkled the Christmas spirit throughout our offices and it feels like Santa’s grotto. Everywhere looks Christmassy which gives me a warm glow inside, I love Christmas you see!

A Covid Effected Christmas

With the last two Christmas dos being so amazing, everyone could not wait to see if this year’s do was going to be as impressive. Unfortunately, like everywhere else, the company has decided not to have a works do this year which has deeply disappointed everyone but we have all agreed that everyone’s health is more important that an evening out.


We normally have the traditional secret Santa ceremony where we all have £10 to spend on another staff member picked out of the Santa hat randomly. This is usually great fun and some of the presents people give each other range from funny to obsurd. However this year we are all donating our ten pounds to charity instead. Our glazing manager had the idea of donating the money to a good cause after such a bad year for everyone. We are going to donate the collection to Optivo housing association. They are one of our clients that we carry out building and glazing works for. The money raised will give some of their residents a little more Christmas cheer during difficult times.

In addition our managing director has pledged to match whatever money is raised and has also teamed up with local company The COOK Kitchen to provide the meals.

I hope that everyone has a safe and great Christmas this year and look forward to a new year. Hopefully 2021 will be a much better year than 2020.


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