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Housing Association Project Management

Housing Association Project Management

Housing Association Project Management

Here at Waller Associates, Sam and I are currently running a contract with housing association Optivo. Housing association project management is a new area for me. The contract is to carry out minor works and maintenance in hundreds of properties across Swale and Medway. Both of us have quickly learned how to manage and run this contract. It is very important to ensure that the works proceed smoothly for our client. To aid us, we have created a spreadsheet which keeps track of the jobs we need to book in and complete. This is essential as we receive many phone calls and emails on a daily basis from the housing association and their residents.

Sam’s Role

Sam and I work as team and have taken on different roles to fulfil the aspects required for the works to run successfully. Sam runs the office based administration side of things, contacting the residents and booking in appointments for our contractors to carry out the works. He also deals with the emails that go back and forth from the client and ourselves. All orders from Optivo go directly to Sam and he then organises our files and updates the spreadsheet accordingly.

My Role

My role is in the field and I am out and about making sure that the works are running smoothly and on time. The main objectives are to make sure materials are ordered on time and that we have the right amount of labour to carry out the works. Both aspects need to be organised on time to allow the works to go ahead on a tight schedule. I attend site meetings, deliver materials and meet our guys to run through the jobs to help make things run smoothly. Additionally, I print out, organise and put together worker packs so that we can get signatures and feedback from the residents. Feedback is very important for us and indiactes how the works are proceeding and the level of service we are providing. We make a list of all feedback whether it is good or bad and react appropriately.

Testing Times – Covid-19

I really like dealing with the residents and meet a range of different and interesting people. It has obviously been a testing time in 2020 with two lockdowns. Our main concern is to keep our clients and staff safe during this worldwide pandemic whilst providing a professional service. Before carrying out the works, we check with residents that nobody in the household has any coronavirus symptoms. If they are showing any of the symptoms we have to cancel the appointment and rearrange it for a later date. The Swale area has recently had the highest infection rate in England and we have had to cancel some appointments due to residents having to self-isolate. When we are working at someone’s home we have instructed the residents not to go near our guys and visa versa.

This has been difficult because some of the residents do like to look after our workforce with cups of tea and cake. However the social distancing has worked as none of our workforce has displayed any symptoms to date. Despite the current situation we have managed to keep on top of things and keep to the tight schedule.

Overall Sam and I get along really well and we work together superbly which is essential to keep the contract running efficiently. #dreamteam


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