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Understanding other peoples job roles

Understanding other peoples job roles


Recently I moved from Reception (downstairs) to Operations (upstairs) the management team here realised that the glazing division needed me more than the general admin did so my job role has changed.

How I felt when I was told about the move/change was a little scared, nervous and worried. Not because of the job change but because of the people change and the new responsibilities I would be faced with!  I’ve only been in this position for a couple of weeks so I’m not fully aware of the differences yet, but what I do now understand is how ‘operations’ works and how different it is to reception.

In reception you work with the attitude that if someone/something comes through it’s dealt with straight away, up here its way different!   Everyone does their utmost to keep the customers happy but not everything is as urgent, as the glazing and building side have a lot of live jobs running and cannot drop managing one job to look at another.  Whereas downstairs you’re dealing purely with paperwork that generally can wait if need be.
This is why in my view reception and operations are different.

Another important point I need to make sure I remember is remembering everyone’s job role, whereas downstairs I could ask for help and there and then I would be helped up here (unless it’s an emergency) it’s different – not saying they won’t help me, they will, they just have certain times when they can and cant.

Although the whole company is ONE TEAM!  I’m looking forward to learning more about operations and understanding how things work in more depth.  I will definitely miss ‘reception’ and the lovely people I worked with down there!

I know change is good and developing your skills is even better but I now feel like a safety net has been lifted and I’m in a position that will make or break me. I’m excited and scared to see what the future holds but this is the point of apprenticeships, you’re in them to learn and be shown the way and if you don’t like the path your taking you have the choice to change it!  I think being positive is very important and this week alone I’ve learnt to take everything with a pinch of salt.  What happens at work stays at work. The same as problems at home stay at home.  Always carrying your smile is vital!