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Deck the Halls…

Deck the Halls…

So now my 4th week has just passed by, I feel like I went to sleep on Monday and I’ve woken up and it’s now Friday. The weeks go so quick. ‘It’s like a time warp here’ as Steve would say. Probably isn’t the most important thing I’ve done this week but I’ve put the decs up! And I’m officially allowed to use the x-mas stamp on the outgoing post. The office is now in Christmas mode! But this doesn’t mean the staff ho ho!

This week has been a lot quieter that’s for sure, since Wednesday Ro’s been off, not going to lie I do feel at a bit of a loose end without my mentor, still I’ve had lots to be getting on with and its really tested me this week as I haven’t had someone telling me what to do I’ve had to use my initiative.

As well as doing the everyday tasks, I’ve been doing itty bitty jobs for everyone such as:

  • Made cups of tea and coffee!
  • Re-loaded all printers with paper
  • Re-filled ink cartages
  • Searched the web for names and numbers
  • Uploaded information onto sage
  • Learnt how to take a credit card payment
  • Learnt new policy’s/produces
  • Receiving and creating invoices
  • Opening and sending out post
  • Answering the phone and ringing out to different people/ company’s
  • I have also cleaned up the kitchen!

Tuesday night 6 of us that work at Waller’s went to watch Arsenal play, although we lost! It was a great night. I really got to know the team I’m working with and saw a different side to them all.

As I’ve said without Ro things have been different and a lot quieter but I’m still glad I chose to come here and I’m looking forward to being the best I can be and knowing everything when I’m fully trained. Being a trainee isn’t easy, mistakes are made and sometime you do feel useless. You get agitated when you don’t understand things and wonder if you ever will.

I feel I’ve come so far already just learning the small things and I have no doubt I could tackle the bigger challenges with my team members support and encouragement.