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Thinking of an office apprenticeship?

Thinking of an office apprenticeship?

So this is now my third blog and my aim is not to bore anyone!

This week at Waller world I’ve been much more confident and independent. I’ve tried to do jobs off my own back instead of Ro reminding me. I’ve also focused more on the glazing division and really tried to understand how it all works.

Rather than list the more repetitive jobs we all encounter in an office environment, I’m just going to list the new tasks I’ve learnt this week which are:

  • Being more confident on the orders, instead of getting them double or triple checked. I’ve had them checked once and they have thankfully all been ok.
  • Being a lot more confident of the telephone and being able to detect and screen sales calls.
  • Ordering stationary.
  • Working out Glazing calculations.
  • Chasing Glass orders and delivery dates.
  • Finding invoices online and printing them off.
  • Designing the Christmas do poster and a document that states when we will be closing and re-opening over Christmas

Also this week I had my second visit from my college tutor. With the first one, we just introduced ourselves and talked about the work I will need to be doing in the coming year but this time we discussed the units, and then went in to more detail picking the ones I will be completing.

My collage tutor’s name is Denise. Denise has set me several targets and assigned homework to help broaden my growing understanding. If you are working or thinking of working within an office environment and are thinking of getting an office apprenticeship follow my blog and I’ll guide you through the good and the bad points from my point of view.

I’m still enjoying the time I spend here – it’s becoming a bit of a second home really. I come here when it’s dark and leave when it’s dark. One week, three days until Waller world closes down for Christmas not that we are counting ha ha! We will be re-opening at 8am 3rd January, 2012 so if you have any enquiries, questions or would like to make a glass order you know when to contact us.

Hope you all have a lovely Christmas and a great New Year and I will check in soon.