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Marketing – Some helpful advice

Marketing – Some helpful advice

Recently, I attended a marketing seminar which I found very beneficial and I would like to share with you. Nothing that we discussed was rocket science but sometimes we try to complicate things to our own detriment! Below are 15 simple things to remember when producing any type of marketing material which I hope you will find useful. The following applies to all forms of written marketing; flyers, brochures, adverts, web site, etc:

1. Firstly, there is NO difference between B2B or domestic clients. Their behaviour is the same so the marketing style/layout should be exactly the same.

2. When looking at marketing material 80% of people look at the 2nd quarter of a page first so this is where the headline should be (just like a newspaper – the headline is not at the top of the page). People scan a page in the following order:


3. Focus on `What’s in it for the Customer’ rather than list what you do. People are attracted by what your product or service will do for them. They should not be about you or about what you do Statements should state BENEFITS, not FEATURES first. Benefits should be backed up by features. Example: `We have been established for over 15 years, ensuring customer confidence that we will be here in the future should we be needed’.

This should read: `You can be confident that we will be here in the future as we have been established for over 15 years’

4. Choose a maximum of three significant target outcomes (benefits) for the client and list them. Also, concentrate on customer outcomes (benefits to them) rather than trying to sell the product.

5. Do not use words in adverts like: CAN & MAY (they are not definite) or WILL (implies the future rather than the present). We could change the above example again bearing this in mind: `Be confident that we are around in the future as we have been established for over 15 years’.

6. How to test an advert: Imagine it is blown up and at the back of a trade stand. Would it grab your attention?

7. Ensure your message is specific to the people you want. Ensure it is not aimed at the people you do not want. Adjust your add as necessary to ensure this. Do not try to be all things to all people as you could switch off your core clients.

8. Use specific marketing for each type of audience. Use targeted marketing rather than ‘one advert fits all’.

9. When writing out marketing material, write it how you would speak it rather than in another format. i.e. `Greater sound reductions’ should be something like `your rooms will be quieter’.

10. Headlines MUST get you to want to read further. They do not necessarily have to be short. Long headlines work IF it is about the consumer and not about you (up to 10-15 words can be read in 2 seconds). NEVER use capitals as it takes longer to read due to pattern reading and do not use Italics as they are only meant for notes.

11. Use white space around key pieces of information.

12. Pictures & images are needed but words are always required to confirm the outcome. Words are always stronger than images.

13. When advertising in magazines, do market research first – ask 10 core clients what magazines, directories & papers etc. they read.

14. Say what others don’t – stating the obvious can sometimes set you apart.

15. Need to ensure customer desire and your own credibility. Where possible, use case studies, research results & testimonials.

I hope you find the above help when writing your next piece of marketing material. If you need any help then please feel free to contact me.