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Spa Day, a little treat

Spa Day, a little treat


This blog will be an interesting one! Purely because it’s not work related. Women will love it! And for men you should defiantly keep this in mind for a present for your staff or wives.

At Christmas all the men (building and glazing) that work for Waller Services got together for their Christmas do, and went bowling! Us women were left behind but it was soon worth it when we found out we had tickets for a spa day instead.

On February 11th, Rosemary (Accounts) Paula (HR), Janet (Director), Lesley (Marketing), Maria (Directors Wife) and myself (Admin) all went to the Bannatyne Spa!

We left at 10am with Rosemary kindly picking Paula and me up while the other three went in Maria’s car. Obviously Maria’s group got to the spa first (Rose doesn’t like motorways and Paula had to help navigate the back roads all the way, it was funny I must say). When we eventually arrived, we all checked in and received our goody bags that held our robes and slippers inside.

Our spa day started with a light gym session that lasted less than an hour literally! The gym itself was massive and had a number of advanced and specialist equipment open for everyone to use!

After our light gym workout we went for a swim in the large pool, a dunk in the jacuzzi and lastly a relaxing few minutes in the sauna and steam room.

Once we had showered off it was all but lunch time! The best part of the day where water turned into wine and we realised that although we had worked hard in the gym it probably wasn’t worth it after the chocolate bar we had for desert!

We entered the open dining area in our robes and slippers as the picture below will show you.


Although we were the only ones dressed like this we didn’t get as many strange looks as expected and to be honest we were too hungry to care! The food was lovely!

Shortly after lunch, Paula and Maria went and had their treatments. Paula had a full face massage, while Maria had a 30 minute face massage followed by a 30 minute back massage.  The rest of us were pottering round the pool and in and out of the Jacuzzi, steam room or sauna.  The hour flew by and it was soon our treatment time. We opted for the half hour face massage followed by the half hour back massage. It was really relaxing and we all thoroughly enjoyed it, although Ro and Jan got an extra head massage, Ro came out looking like she had been dragged through a bush backwards yet again! Ro made us laugh but of course this was/is an everyday thing!

At the end of our spa day everyone returned home in Maria’s car this time, apart from Ro and me! The trip home was amusing to say the least! We took the wrong turning and ended up so lost that I can’t even remember the name of the road; it wasn’t near home, that’s all I knew! We ended up having to guess the way home and I think we did ok! I walked in the front door just gone 7pm. So it was a long but enjoyable day!

Thank you to Steve from all of us it was a Fabulous Christmas Gift!