Care Home Window and Door Replacement

We were awarded this project by Bromley Council after our successful tender bid. The care home window and door replacement project was part of ongoing works by the council to update their properties and improve the energy efficiency of buildings throughout the Borough.

Replacement Aluminium Double Glazed Windows

The care home’s original windows were wooden framed and single glazed which meant that heat could escape. By replacing the windows with an aluminium double glazed upgrade, the care home will now retain more heat during the winter months resulting in lower heating costs. In addition, the new windows add security with stronger frames, improved locking systems and safety glass. The new windows also improve the look of the building due to the original windows looking past their best. The specification also required that the windows replicated the look and design of the original windows. This included the internal and external colour of the frames. Dual colour aluminium frames were installed, being white on the insde and brown on the exterior. White is alway a popular choice internally for two reasons, white gives more options when it comes to decorating and provides a lighter feel internally.

Aluminium Fire Exit Doors

In addition to the windows, we also installed two sets of double fire exit doors complete with exit push bars.

Working Whislt the Care Home Was Open

Due to the nature of the care home, we installed the windows whilst it was still in use. This is something that we are happy to do as we regularly work in schools during term time. We ensured that the area that we are working in was cordoned off  and kept any noise and mess down to a minimum.

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