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Working Safely With Care Homes

Working Safely With Care Homes

Working Safely With Care Homes

In recent months we have been working safely with care homes. We provide and carry out many building and glazing services for the sector and are currently working with a care home in Woolwich. Due to the current climate, it is vital that our operatives follow all Covid-19 guidelines and procedures correctly. This is even more important when working around people with disabilities and health issues.

Daily Covid-19 Testing

Currently, when working in carehomes, all of our staff take a Covid-19 test daily and wait for a negative result before entering the building. These tests help protect all care home staff and residents by eliminating the chances of the virus getting into the property. Additionally, facemasks are worn at all times when on site and frequent hand washing is performed. The health of all of our clients is extremely important, especially if they have any underlying conditions. With the correct protocol being implemented this reduces the chances of any transmission of the virus that could lead to dangerous complications. Many of the care home residents are high risk when it comes to coronavirus which means that it is very important that the rules are followed meticulously.

Office Staff Testing

As well as on site testing, the office staff at Wallers are having frequent covid tests to keep everyone safe. 1 in 3 people that have Covid-19 do not display any symptoms and could be unknowingly spreading the virus. In our offices, we still have screens and hand sanitiser stations on each desk. We were recently visited by a Health and Safety Executive inspector at our offices to make sure we were Covid-19 compliant. I’m please to say that we passed and the inspector was impressed with the measures that have been put in place at Waller HQ.

On behalf of everyone here at Wallers, we would like to thank all of the NHS workers for the heroic work that they are putting in 24/7 to help save lives and keep people safe.


Stay Safe