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Why the Double Glazed Units in your home may have broken!

Why the Double Glazed Units in your home may have broken!

Some of your double glazed windows may have suffered over time from ‘blown’ glazed units. This is when the seal between the two pieces of glass that make up the double glazed unit has in some way broken down, thus allowing the injected gas present (if installed at manufacture) to escape, reducing the insulation value of the unit and also allowing moisture to enter into the unit which in turn makes the window condensate, giving a foggy, misty effect to the glass.

Along with blown units you may also have had some broken glass to one side of the double glazed units. This can happen for several reasons; firstly and the most obvious would be an impact onto the glass causing it to break. Secondly it is common in houses for windows to be covered with large pillows or pictures to reduce sun light entering a room. This can cause the glass to break as there is a very large temperature build-up between the glass and the fabric / paper. Once this gets to a certain level the glass will fail and break, known as a thermal fracture. We suggest the best way to block sunlight to avoid breakage of your windows is to invest in either blinds or a window film. Finally glass and its frame expand and contract with temperature fluctuations and if the spacing between glass and frame is very tight this can also cause the glass to break.If you have witnessed any of these issues and would like to get them resolved then please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to give you a free, no obligation quote.Waller Associates Ltd, Pheasant Farm, Sheppey Way, Bobbing, Sittingbourne, Kent ME9 8QX

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