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Waller Associates have had a brilliant start to the year!

Waller Associates have had a brilliant start to the year!

It’s been completely manic since we arrived back on 2nd January! As most people know all the men go to a bowling night each year. The lady’s do something a little different and this year we choose the Lateef restaurant in Sittingbourne. Usually our girls day/night out actually happens in March/April but this year we were organised and managed to get it in before Christmas, in fact on the 18th December!!

It was a themed soul night and although some of us had doubts on what it would be like, we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!

We bumped into a celebrity chief who was having a meal there and another company had a works do in there, that may have had a little too much to drink and were doing hand stands on the stage!!

We would definitely return, not only was it a brilliant atmosphere, the food was lovely and it was a good night in general.Waller Associates Girls Night Out

I could write more about our eventful evening but seeing as I have lots of work to do I best stop now.  I don’t think my boss would appreciate me advertising for the Lateef, I should be concentrating on subjects such as:-

  • Horticultural Glass/ Greenhouse
  • Laminated glass
  • Fire glass

You get my point!

Waller Associates Girls Night Out


We can’t wait for 2015!!