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Our first ever trade show! Kent 2020

Our first ever trade show! Kent 2020

The Kent 2020 Vision B2B event is now over and I can honestly say that all the preparation was worth it and has hopefully paid off. For our first show, I would say it was a great success! We set ourselves targets for the day and although we did not get as many leads as we were hoping for, some of the leads we did get were a lot better than we were expecting. A big thank you to Andy, Mark & Paul who attended the day; it was a learning curve for us all but everyone played their part extremely well and as the day progressed we all felt more comfortable on the stand.

After completing our post trade show debriefing, we concluded that the direction the stand took with regards to ‘Free Glass Surveys’ was probably the wrong one as the majority of the people attending did not have commercial premises. Maybe we should have taken the domestic route? However, the integrated blind that we were showcasing on our stand generated a lot of interest and this lead to several great contacts. Another great PR piece for us was the Imperial Stormtrooper we had wandering about on the day with corporate logos emblazoned over it! This produced a huge amount of interest and he must have been photographed hundreds of times!!


The proof, they say, is in the pudding and we will not really know how successful the day was until an analysis is done once all follow up calls are made. But it’s looking very promising at the moment and hopefully we will be back again next year! Does anyone know where Darth Vader lives?