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My First Day at College

My First Day at College


College is interesting to say the least! My first day at college I only enrolled so basically got my badge, took a look around, found out where my class room was and then left. The second day was more interesting, out of a class of twelve students, only two turned up! My teacher Lisa is lovely, she knows who Waller Associates are as her dad worked for them many years ago.

ICT was not my favourite subject at school and even now I’m not a fan of it, I genuinely thought as long as you knew how to turn a pc on and off you knew how to work one but there’s so much more to it than you think.

My first lesson and I have already been tested on my computer knowledge, the second lesson was formulas!  A formula on a piece of paper is hard enough without a computer!  My lessons are only an hour long on Wednesday afternoon so it’s hardly enough time to learn it all (I feel) but others had managed it so I guess that proves it’s adequate.

I really do enjoy going to college and I love the people that actually attend and that I spend my time with.
Although some of the work I’m doing is hard!  I feel it’s a good thing to be put into a room with people your own age that you share views, it gives you a little break from everyday working life and allows you to socialise with people that understand you and that share your likes and dislikes.

I didn’t want to go to college to start with and I really did dread it, I made that perfectly clear but once I had been there for a few hours I loved it!
I like the people, I like the place and I’m becoming more qualified as each week goes by.  Personally I feel its 100% worth it and if I could have started it sooner I definitely would have done.  Steve my Managing Director said that my becoming more highly qualified is making me more of a ‘asset to the company’

I have completed all my course work with help from Rosemary and my college tutor and have sat my first exam! I’m honestly not sure how it went, I find out my results in 7 weeks then I will let you know whether I’m going onto the higher level or redoing this level!