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How important getting a glass delivery out on time is

How important getting a glass delivery out on time is

When companies like us, Waller Associates do a marketing campaign we promise certain different services that encourage new customers to come to us and existing customers to stay with us.

You can promise a customer the world, but the important thing to do is to see your promise/service through.

For example, on one of our flyers it says we can guarantee supply only stock glass cut to size next day. It is vital that if we have said we can do it with a next day delivery that we pull out all the stops and deliver it.

If we don’t deliver the consequences are that we get a bad reputation, that the customer does not return again and most importantly that that customer will not pay.

Another aspect that we try to think about when promising a service via marketing is workload and the workmen.

Does your work force know what is expected from them, when they get an order of works do they know it needs to be cut and out by the end of the day?

Talking and discussing workload with your work men is also important.

Maybe even discussing with them before the promotion goes out, for example letting them know what you propose to do and asking them if they have the right equipment, stock and staff.

We ensure we do all of the above and continue to please our customer with our reliable service