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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!


So Christmas has come and gone! It seems like forever ago now.

On the last day as a company we went to the Millers bar for lunch, we had a lovely afternoon and got the opportunity to reveal our secret Santa present. Just like that, Christmas started! No work for two whole weeks (something I wasn’t used to). Everyone hoped for snow this year to extend the holiday season, however, that seemed rather futile, especially with the unseasonably warm weather the south east of England has experienced this year. January 3rd rolled round and we were all back in the office ready to face 2012.

As you can imagine everyone had lots to do on the first day back in the office, plenty to catch up on. Everyone seemed slightly tired but surprisingly no-one was moody as we all swapped stories of our Christmas holiday with family, friends and good food featuring prominently.

Before we knew it the first week had flown by and everything was back to normal – I saw my college tutor, I wouldn’t say she gave me lots of work but more than enough to keep me busy!

On the 12th of January it was my 18th birthday, although I wasn’t looking forward to working on my birthday when I could have been out shopping! I had a fantastic day! The day started at 8.30 with Andy singing happy birthday to me, followed by Rose walking through the door with lots of presents and a cake! Everybody signed a card that had been personally made for me AND I had flowers delivered! I was very spoilt considering I haven’t been here long! (Thanks to you all)

Back to the work front – as well as doing the everyday jobs such as mail, invoicing and phone calls, I have been ordering items such as stationary and GLASS! Our glazing manger has been out of the office for the last couple of weeks and I have tried as much as possible to keep things on a straight line and process everything as usual although it’s hard not having someone constantly there and having to use my initiative more but I am enjoying the responsibility. I have also been arranging when and where Dave (our glazier) should go and at what times, even more responsibility. Lastly I feel that with Ro’s help, the emergency glazing situations that have occurred have been dealt with efficiently and on time.

I have slacked a little on the blog writing these past few weeks so my New Year resolution will be to keep you all updated regularly!

Speak soon.