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Glazing processes step by step

Glazing processes step by step


It’s now February and the weather, even though we want it to, isn’t getting any better! SNOW, SNOW, SNOW! As hard as it is getting out of my bed at 6 o’clock every morning, I am still enjoying working in my warm office!

I have learnt a lot this week especially on the glazing side of Waller Associates. I am currently making an index file on all the different types of glass that we supply. Within the next two weeks I will be visiting one of our largest supplier’s factories to see how it all works and to meet some of their team, people I seem to speak to everyday. I will tell you how it goes and what I learn in my next blog.

This past week I have also learnt how to make a process. A process is something anyone can pick up and follow to get the same outcome. For example we have processes for something little like how to open and to distribute the post efficiently, we then go onto larger process’s like creating and sending an invoice. Processes are generally made up of facts and yes or no answers. The reason for following procedure is to eliminate risk; you do as the company has told you, then, if there is a fault, its nothing that you did. Procedures need to be followed constantly by all members of our staff.

In our staff meeting we have once a month we discussed our Kent 2020 stand! For those of you reading that don’t know what Kent 2020 is I feel the best way to describe it is a big marquee with lots of stalls arranged inside. Everyone shows everyone what they and their company have to offer. Businesses get to see how other businesses work. It’s a brilliant way of promoting your company and seeing who your competitors are!

Look out for us on stand 179!

Lastly, I’d like announce that I have had my first paint order! We have sent out paint to various people as testers and have had some very positive feedback! Remember if you or anyone you know needs paint come to us!