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Energy Efficiency Funding Grant

Energy Efficiency Funding Grant

Energy Efficiency Funding Grant

The government has given all schools an Energy Efficiency Funding grant. This grant is to provide schools funding with the purpose of improving energy efficiency. This includes replacement double glazed windows and doors.

Double Glazed Windows and Doors Improve Energy Efficiency

Any school that has single glazed windows or doors, can replace them with double glazed windows and doors which will make a significant difference to the energy efficiency in any building. The new windows and doors will ensure that less warm air escapes during the colder months, meaning that less heating is required. A positive result of this is lower energy costs.

Old double glazed windows may not be functioning as well as they once were. The life time of double glazed windows ranges from 15 – 20 so the windows could be due upgrading.

In addition to lower heating costs, new windows improve security and the look of any building.


Building Services We Provide In Schools

The building services we provide include smaller refurbishments through to extensions and new builds. The services we provide include anything that a school would require. This includes, toilet and kitchen refurbishments. We also install fencing, flooring and carry out complete new builds. Check out our website case studies to view projects that we have recently completed.

Glazing Services We Provide In Schools

We carry out works from window and hinge repairs through to complete aluminium and uPVC window and door installations.

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