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Do you sometimes wish you had never said a word?

Do you sometimes wish you had never said a word?

Well I do and quite often. At our last Company Development Meeting which was held at the Dancing Dog Public House in Bobbing, Sittingbourne, Kent. The matter of blogs was yet again brought up with our Managing Director, Steve, praising those who had blogged whilst also casting a certain air of disappointment at those who had not blogged. One of whom I must admit to be.

During this particular topic he also said that there were key words to use. Trying to look as though I was about to put pen to paper or hands to the keyboard I enquired what these words might be.

He replied by saying words that would help people find us (meaning I realised afterwards, what we actually supply such as Pyroguard Glass, Safety Glass, Georgian Wire Polished Plate and Georgian Wire Cast, Horticultural Glass, Building Renovation Services, works undertaken for Schools and so on and so on).

My mind was in a whirl, trying to think of other words that might help Waller Associates be found on the web and as our Head Office is based at Pheasants Farm, Sheppey Way, Bobbing, Sittingbourne, Kent, ME9 8QX, without a care in the world I said, “oh you mean like the word Pheasant”.

The entire head office staff of Waller Associates began to laugh and as you can image, many comments were made. On returning to the office I have had a whole flock of pheasants emailed to me – I think we may even make the pheasant our mascot.

I did enjoy the meeting though and the lunch – thank you Steve.

Rosemary of Accounts (the oldest employee of Waller Associates Ltd) – will speak to
you all very soon.