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Coronavirus Lockdown

Coronavirus Lockdown

Coronavirus Lockdown

During the Coronavirus lockdown, I tried to keep myself as busy as possible to pass the time. Luckily my parents’ back garden needed some work doing which kept me busy for the majority of lockdown. Lugging sleepers and shoveling top soil does get boring after a while, but it kept me busy. Other than working in the garden I tried to keep myself in a physically fit state as it was very tempting to eat all the time when at home. I went on numerous runs to keep fit and healthy. It was important for me to get in shape as I had so much free time. Now that lockdown restrictions have been eased, golf has started up again which is a dream come true, numerous rounds are to come within the coming weeks for sure.

Back to Work After Lockdown

After a long winded lockdown we are finally back up and running wooohooo!!! Special measures and procedures have been put in place to help protect our clients and the staff at Wallers. The Wallers carefully planned the return to work by phasing workers back gradually. On our return, Steve could see how the measures put in place were working and add to them if necessary.

Government COVID19 Guidelines

Steve Waller was continuously updating each and every one of us so that we all knew what the plan was going to be. Hand sanitiser and Perspex screens have been installed to each desk in all of the offices to help minimalise risk and keep us safe. We are following the government’s Covid-19, 5 steps to working safely guidelines which can be seen on their website by clicking on the following link¬†

Safe Company Communicate Via Social Media Group Chats

All employees are able to keep in contact and communicate with each other through the Workplace group chat. We can show everyone what we have all been doing and upload our latest site photographs.

Working on Site

Projects that could start, nearing the end of lockdown, were looked at carefully to see who could come back to work and run them. Supply chains were also essential as many of our suppliers were just starting to return too. Obviously, it is crucial that materials are available. We are still ensuring that guidelines are followed outside the office too. Social distancing is still important and we no longer travel in vans together. On site we have to make plans to ensure that workmen are not working in the same close vicinity at the same time. The return to work phase has been extremely well planned and completed at the right time. The majority of employees are now back to work and in a very safe, clean and tidy office.

We are getting back to some kind of normality after a very bizarre period which is good for the country. I hope everyone stays safe during these strange and difficult times.