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Choosing the right Contractor

Choosing the right Contractor

As we meet more and more clients we are increasingly finding that they are finding it extremely difficult to compare contractors on a like for like basis. The two main reasons for this are;

  1. The client is unsure what to ask when checking what the contractors standards are and what certification they have
  2. That quotations come back in various formats and it is extremely difficult for them to ascertain that the contractors have priced for exactly the same thing.

We have therefore produced a checklist for clients to assist them in this process. With regards to comparing quotations on a like for like basis, we offer a complete surveying service where we can draw up specifications, tailored to your particular requirements, for you to send out to contractors. There is a charge for this service but if we are the successful contractor we will reimburse to you these costs.

If you feel this service will be beneficial to you or would like to discuss any of the above further then please feel free to give me a call.

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