RAAC School Roof Reinforcement

We carried out the RAAC school roof reinforcement at Holcombe Grammar School before the summer holidays. Since reinforcing the hall roof there has been a lot of coverage in the media, both television and the press about RAAC.

What is RAAC?

Reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete was used in many schools and is, now known to be, prone to sudden failure as it ages. RAAC is a lightweight, bubbly type of concrete generally found in roofs. It can also be found in walls and floors. The product was initially used in the 1950s and used as recently as the 1990s. It looks like standard concrete but compared with the now traditional reinforced material which is typically denser, RAAC is weak and less durable.

How Did We Get Awarded the Works?

After receiving government advice in 2020, regarding the potential implications of RAAC, the school instructed structural engineers to survey the whole site. Two areas were identified as containing RAAC. There were two halls that contained RAAC ceiling, which could breakup and collapse at any time. Both halls were immediately cordoned off by the school meaning that no students or staff could be put at risk.

What Did We Do

The school asked us to install a support system designed by structural engineers. We installed the support timbers beneath the RAAC ceiling planks to remove the risk of the ceiling collapsing. The  ceiling was made safe and enabled the school to use the halls without any risk to students and staff.

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