Swale House Replacement Windows

Waller Glazing Services applied for the Swale House replacement windows project through an open tender portal. We were chosen by Swale Borough Coucil as the successful contractor. The project was part of the council’s thermal upgrade scheme. The main objective was to improve the thermal efficiency of the head office and lower the carbon footprint of the building.

Thermal Upgrade Scheme

There were three elements to the thermal upgarde project at Swale House. New double glazed windows, roof insulation and the insulation of the undercroft soffit. Waller Building and Glazing Services were successful for two of the three elements, only just falling short on the roof insulation works.

Window Installation

The windows being replaced were aluminium, single glass windows that were the original windows from when the building was constructed in 1984. The new windows are double glazed and the colour of the frame was changed to grey, a more modern and contemporary colour. We replaced every window and door within the building. In addition, all of south facing windows contain grey, anti sun glass. This glass reflects sunlight and prevents glare which is important when using computer screens in an office environment. However, the main benefit is the reduction of solar gain which stops the offices over heating.

New Aluminium Doors

In addition to the window installation all of the doors were also repalced with aluminium upgrades. This included new electronic access entrance doors, fire escape doors and louvre boiler doors. All with matching grey aluminium frames.

Programme of Works

Due to the size of the building and a large number of employees, we worked with the coucil to produce a practical programme of works. High level scaffolding was erected to ensure that all floors of the building could have the new windows installed safely. We planned to start work from the top floor and replace the windows a floor at a time, working downwards. This would allow staff to vacate each floor at the time that works were being carried out. Employees would move to free space on other floors and return when their floor was reglazed. As each floor was completed, the scaffolding would be removed from that particular height. We would then move onto the next foor. However, upon the removal of one of the first windows, asbestos was dicovered in the form of external window cill packers.

Asbestos Removal

Although no council staff were present on the floor where the asbestos had been found, works had to come to a halt. This was to ensure that no Waller employees or council workers were put at risk. A survey was carried out with immdeiate effect and our programme of works was changed. The asbestos was notifiable and could only be removed by a licence contractor. We appointed an approved licence contrcator to remove the asbestos safely.

After the asbestos had been removed we carried out the works as originally planned.

Improved Energy Efficiency

The council are extremely pleased with the new windows and they look great. In addition, they have improved the thermal efficiency which means that the heating will no be used as much in the future. The benefit of this is lower energy costs in the future.


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