New School Building

We constructed this new school building for Riverview Junior School after they recognised the requirement for a special education needs facility. The new building nicknamed “The Hub” by the school, would create a specialist breakout area including a sensory room.  This space is used to optimise a positive sensory input, typically using lighting, sounds and tactile equipment to be used by those with sensory processing difficulties or those especially prone to sensory overload.

The Construction

Fortunately the school is on a large site and there was an ideal area next to the main school building that could be utilised. The area required the clearing of a tree and shrubs and the ground being completely levelled. The Hub was a traditional build with standard depth foundations being laid. The structure was a conventional cavity wall construction with one elevation being face brickwork. The remaining three elevations consisted of Siberian Larch cladding which added real character to the building, providing a contemporary modern look. A flat single ply membrane roof was installed with the final touch being Upvc windows and doors being added to ensure an improved thermal efficiency. In addition, the interior was completely furnished including a kitchen area, toilet facilities and a sensory room.

Ventilation System

To ensure that the building complied with building regulations, a bespoke ventilation system was designed and installed to the building. This created a non intrusive and comfortable, healthy environment.

Build Challenges

Most building projects experience challenges along the way and “The Hub” was certainly no exception. Early on in the build process a unexpected underground services were discovered on the edge of the plot where the footings were to be laid. Therefore the proposed foundation design were altered to suit this unexpected obstacle. Working with a structural engineer, a design was agreed with additional steelwork being installed to bridge the unknown services and, as a result, enabling us to continue the build.

In addition, we constructed a temporary road which was needed to transport heavy plant to the site. The initial route from the school entrance to the new build was soft ground which would not have been suitable for large vehicles as well as the potential for damaged throughout the project. The temporary road was due to be removed at the end of the project to return the area into it’s former appearance. However, the school found that the road created improved access to certain areas of the school and requested that we leave it in place.

The school are using the new building and are happy with the new addition.

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