School Block Window Replacement

We carried out this school block window replacement project during the summer holidays. The existing sliding sash windows were over twenty years old and had reached the end of their life. Due to the age of the windows, the springs that control the movement of the windows had started to fail. This meant that the sliding sash could drop down from the open position at any time and potentially cause injury. In addition, the windows were not as energy efficient as modern windows, contributing to heat loss of the building and higher energy costs.

A Change of Window Style

After working closely with the school, a new style of window was decided on. We changed the colour of the aluminium window frames to white housing Georgian bar double glazed units to match other buildings at the school. Moving from a sliding sash window to a 50/50 top opening sash will improve the safety and future longevity of the the windows. This also means easier opening and closing of the window. Additionally, the new windows have drastically changed the look of the building providing a brighter, more modern feel.

Energy Efficient Windows

Due to rooms becoming very warm during the summer months, the glass installed was solar controlled which deflects the suns rays to keep the classrooms at a cooler, controlled temperature. This doesn’t effect the temperature during colder months, in fact along with argon gas filled units, the new windows will improve the energy efficiency of the building and lower energy consumption meaning that the school will save money in the future.

To complete the project we installed a white aluminium louvre boiler room door. The school was very pleased with the windows and how they have transformed the look of the building.


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