Residential Charity Window Installation

We were approached by Seeability to carry out this residential charity window installation. Seeability are a registered charity who specialize in supporting people that have learning disabilities or autism, and may also have sight loss. They provide specialist homes for residents with such conditions. It was one of these homes that they were looking to replace the current windows with modern, double glazed uPVC windows. The original wooden framed windows needed replacing. In some areas the frames were deteriorating and the glass was no longer energy efficient. To match the other properties in the area we installed brown framed uPVC windows which, from a distance look the same as wooden windows.

Window Trickle Vents

All of the windows came with trickle vents fitted. Trickle vents provide ventilation to the room without the need to open the main window. They provide continuous background ventilation, ensuring circulation of air and avoiding build-up of condensation, without allowing the heat in your home to escape.

The charity is extremely pleased with the new windows and are now looking to upgrade the windows on other resident accommodation at the same site.

The Benefits of New Windows

Many things have changed in the last 20 years and modern windows have advanced significantly. The new window profiles look great and enhance the look of any building. Furthermore the new windows add security benefits and improve energy efficiency which results in lower heating costs in the future.


Commercial Building and Glazing

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