Commercial Window Installation

We were approached by an accountancy firm to replace their double glazed windows that were over 20 years old. This commercial window installation project was for a local company that also required the installation of new fascia and soffits.

The double glazed window being replaced were past their best, not efficient and were allowing cold air into the building during the winter months. Additionally handles and hinges were starting to fail.

Works Schedule

The accountants and other tenants within the office block were working within a very busy environment. This meant that we had to ensure that we could replace the windows without causing disruption to the staff. Before works started we agreed with company directors a schedule of works to ensure that staff could relocate to different offices in advance. We updated the staff at the end of each day which ensured that we could carry out the project with minimal disruption.

The Benefits of New Windows

Many things have changed in the last 20 years and modern windows have advanced significantly. The new window profiles look great and enhance the look of any building. Furthermore the new windows add security benefits and improve energy efficiency which results in lower heating costs in the future. The staff were very impressed with the final result and the lack of disruption caused.


Commercial Building and Glazing

Commercial building and glazing is a growth area for Waller Services. We work in the education and healthcare sectors. The retail sector is also an area of growth. This is due to many warehouse developments in the south east. We install toilet and kitchen areas. We also install commercial window and doors. Additionally we also install commercial windows and doors. For examples of our services, take a look at our website case studies