As part of Biffa’s 25-year contract with West Sussex County Council to treat the County’s residual municipal waste, Waller Glazing Services were chosen to supply and fix Smart aluminium double glazed windows to the viewing galleries.

The facility will divert up to 80% of West Sussex’s residual waste (327,000 tonnes per year) away from landfill and use it as a resource to produce renewable energy.  Presently, 85% of household waste goes to landfill so this is a significant reduction.  It will also reduce the carbon footprint of household waste management in the County.

We were required to form a quiet, airy and light viewing gallery four storeys above the main recycling area.  To meet the required sound levels, the double glazed units were constructed from two layers of 8.8mm laminated with a 32mm cavity.  Due to the weight of the units, everything had to be lifted up to our working area by cranes. Local children will now be able to view the new recycling machines at work from behind our windows.