Hair Salon, Beauty Treatment Room

This project included the following, a hair salon, beauty treatment room. Waller Building successfully won a closed tender for the conversion of an industrial unit. The conversion was to incorporated a fully functioning post 16 college. We worked closely with the appointed architect and the client. This allowed us to deliver a building that was specifically to their needs. We knew that the deadline of 3 months was going to be tight. However we were confident that we could complete the works. This was due to our knowledge and expertise in this area.

Hair Salon 
We created a split training area to the hair salon. By installing oak bi-fold doors, we made it  possible to form a salon for the newer students on one side. This separated the  front of house section where members of the public could visit newly qualified hair stylists. Each area has 8 salon stations with electrical supplies for styling equipment. Additionally,  modern LED lighting panels were installed to a fire rated suspended ceiling. Consequently this gave the room the required amount of light to learn and work productively.  
Beauty Treatment Room  
This room benefits from six personal treatment areas. They are made private with the use of  privacy curtains. Treatments can take place on the new couches that we provided. Additionally two nail bar work stations allow six people to be treated on at any one time were installed. Solid oak worktops were used to meet requirement set by the training body. A shower was also installed.
Fire Rated Glazed Partitions            
The coffee shop and hair salon exits were directly onto a fire exit route. Therefore, building control required that the glazing needed to be fire rated. This is to provide protection in the event of a fire. We overcame this by the installing a fire rated glazing system which also provides an open plan look. This was exactly what the architect wanted to achieve. Consequently this provides the safety required for all of the staff, students and visitors. The system used was finished in a curved gloss white profile. This allowed for an additional layer of glass to be installed providing  acoustic properties to the screen.