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Can I Have a Flush Floor / Walk in Shower Room in My Home?

Can I Have a Flush Floor / Walk in Shower Room in My Home?

The simple answer is yes! but there is still some questions that need to be answered before you start work.

The main problem for any flush floor / walk in shower is how do you get rid of the water that goes down the drain. Unlike the waste on a bath, where normally the water leaves the waste trap located close to or above the level of the floor and then by using the power of gravity and a waste pipe at a slight angle discharges the water to the soil stack or waste outlet.

A flush floor / walk in shower requires the waste trap to be positioned under the floor level and then still by the power of gravity the water is discharged away. This system is relatively simple to install if installing the flush floor / walk in shower tray in to a timber floor with a joist depth great enough to allow for the discharge waste pipe to slope to the soil stack waste outlet and also if the soil stack is accessible to allow a a new connection. If the slope can not be achieved within the joist height, it maybe possible to take the waste into the room below and then connect into the soil stack at a lower level. This does require some extra work because these exposed pipes will need to be boxed in and decorated to give a tidy finish to the room that has been disturbed.
When installation of a flush floor / walk in shower is required in a concrete floor the work involved is slightly more in depth. Firstly the concrete has to be removed to allow for the installation of the new floor tray and also a trench has to be created to allow the waste pipe to be connected to the waste outlet as above.

When it is not possible to install a waste that flows away by gravity a waste pump can be installed. The pump is automatically turned on when the shower is used and an in-built timer runs the pump for a set time after the shower has been turned of to allow for surface water to be cleared. The quality and noise of these pumps have improved over the years and they are very efficient at clearing water from the showering area.

One thing to remember is when adapting any drainage, there maybe a requirement to have the works checked and approved by your local building control. If in doubt, contact your local building control office or visit you local building control web site.

Waller Building Services have been installing flush floor showers to peoples homes for over 12 years, these are for clients that require a walk in shower because of their heath and mobility along with clients that want the contemporary look to their bathroom.

I you would like any more information please contact Waller Building Services and we will be happy to help.