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Cameron’s Blog – My Work Experience

Cameron’s Blog – My Work Experience

This week I have been on work experience at Waller Associates. I have been working in the office, going out giving quotes and been delivering and picking up. I have been to all different places such as schools, people’s houses, council houses and suppliers.

At the start of the week I was nervous and I didn’t really know what I was expected to do. But as the week went on I gained more confidence and I was able to enjoy the experience. I have been able to experience all aspects of the business.

Day One

On my first day I was working with Sam and Rose in the Office. When I was working in the Office I opened the post and gave it to Sam who distributed it out to who it went to. I was shown round the yard and office and got introduced to everybody. I had a look at the company’s website and a look at their blogs. I got show Sage accounts that the company use to keep a record of everything. Then I got show an excel spread sheet that works out the price for the company, to save time and makes it easier.

Day Two

On Tuesday I got to go out with Mark and Martin.   We went to Alford Primary School and Maidstone grammar school for girls.  At the schools they measured out the job that the schools where thinking of doing and they took the information pack to the office for them to give them a quote.

When I got back I made a flow diagram for stock check of the glass.  Then after that I went to the glazing room and got shown what they did there. When I was there I wrote on stickers to be stuck on the glass to show what glass it was.

When I got back to the Office I had some answering the phone training but unfortunately it didn’t ring.
I made the front cover for the Glass stock check folder then once I had finished that I went with Mark to deliver some glass to North Kent joiners.

Day Three

I went out with Colin, we had picked up things for a house that they were turning into two.  We went to pick up some more things then we went to Tonbridge wells to drop off what we picked up earlier and I had a look at the job that they were doing there.  After that we had to go to the council to drop off a letter.  Then we went to a private job to pick up a load of waste materiel then take it back to the yard to be sorted and then burnt.

Day Four

On Thursday I went out with Mark, first we had to go to one of our suppliers to get some glass cut.  Then we had to go all the way to Dartford to drop off some glass.  Then even longer we had to go to Essex to drop off some glass.  When I came back I made a poster that’s purpose was to remind people to never leave the yard without a paper trail, for example a delivery note for when your leaving with glass.

Day Five

On Friday the last day of work experience I went to Tonbridge wells again but this time I went with Andy.  When we were out we went to a job where they put in a ramp for a wheelchair to go round to the back door.  Andy had to measure the wall and the ramp so that they could put a fence in.  After we had finished that job we went to a private job where there was a problem with waste from the toilet, so Andy measured the distance from the window to the drain pipe.  Then when we were there we took some rubbish off of the man to me burnt.  When we got back I had to do some filing and sorting out the office.

Work experience has been an enjoyable occasion for me and has given me an insight into what the work environment is like.  I have seen a variety of jobs whilst on work experience with Waller Associates, and it has let me experience the different aspects of the company.  I would like to say thank you to Waller Associates for giving me the chance to gain some experience of the working environment.

Cameron Corbishley