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Being CHAS registered Waller Building & Glazing can assure that we either meet or exceed your health & safety requirements, for further information please visit

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Waller Associates

In 1993 Steve Waller started Waller Building Services after training as a quantity surveyor. Over the next few years the company grew and it was in July, 2000, when the decision was made for Waller Building Services to become a Limited company.  Therefore Waller Associates Limited was set up and Waller Building Services became a trading division within that company. In 2010, an opportunity arose that dove tailed well with the existing company structure.  A long established local Glazing company went into administration which produced the need for a commercial and domestic glazing supplier in the area.  Their commercial glazing manger, Paul Hayward, liked the way we operated as a company and therefore a new division was formed.

Waller Building Services

Clients include schools, local authorities and private customers. Our building services consist of smaller refurbishments through to extensions and new builds.

Waller Glazing Services

Our glazing projects include window, door and also glass repairs. We also carry out complete window and door installations. You can see examples of our glazing works by viewing the case studies on our website.

Building on Trust….

Waller Building and Glazing Services is registered to Fensa, Chas, Constructionline and Safecontractor. We are also approved by Kent County Council. Waller Associates is a company that you can trust. We would be happy to give you a quotation on any size of works. You can See examples of our building works by viewing the case studies on our website.

Contact Waller Building and Glazing

Based in Sittingbourne, Kent, we carry out works throughout as well as the south east of England. If you would like a quotation on any size of project, please contact us. Call 01795 424435. Additionally email


Well I do and quite often. At our last Company Development Meeting which was held at the Dancing Dog Public House in Bobbing, Sittingbourne, Kent. The matter of blogs was yet again brought up with our Managing Director, Steve, praising those who had blogged whilst also casting a certain air of disappointment at those who had not blogged. One of whom I must admit to be.

During this particular topic he also said that there were key words to use. Trying to look as though I was about to put pen to paper or hands to the keyboard I enquired what these words might be.

He replied by saying words that would help people find us (meaning I realised afterwards, what we actually supply such as Pyroguard Glass, Safety Glass, Georgian Wire Polished Plate and Georgian Wire Cast, Horticultural Glass, Building Renovation Services, works undertaken for Schools and so on and so on).

My mind was in a whirl, trying to think of other words that might help Waller Associates be found on the web and as our Head Office is based at Pheasants Farm, Sheppey Way, Bobbing, Sittingbourne, Kent, ME9 8QX, without a care in the world I said, “oh you mean like the word Pheasant”.

The entire head office staff of Waller Associates began to laugh and as you can image, many comments were made. On returning to the office I have had a whole flock of pheasants emailed to me – I think we may even make the pheasant our mascot.

I did enjoy the meeting though and the lunch – thank you Steve.

Rosemary of Accounts (the oldest employee of Waller Associates Ltd) – will speak to
you all very soon.


Last Thursday I was fortunate to be invited to a taster session of the Employment Law Club.

After an initial meet and greet and delicious lunch we had a review of the latest Employment Case Law which highlighted a wide range of employment topics such as holiday entitlement under the Working Time Directive, types and changes to the employment contract, TUPE and discrimination in the workplace.

It was interesting to examine and discuss case law to see common mistakes made by employers and which policies and practices could  have prevented litigation.  We looked at how organisations around the table have tackled similar or related issues and gained a legal and experienced HR professional insight.  We also briefly looked at forthcoming changes in employment legislation.

All in all, I learnt a lot, will incorporate some brilliant ideas into our processes and practices and met some vibrant and interesting people with a wealth of experience and a genuine desire to learn and share.



College is interesting to say the least! My first day at college I only enrolled so basically got my badge, took a look around, found out where my class room was and then left. The second day was more interesting, out of a class of twelve students, only two turned up! My teacher Lisa is lovely, she knows who Waller Associates are as her dad worked for them many years ago.

ICT was not my favourite subject at school and even now I’m not a fan of it, I genuinely thought as long as you knew how to turn a pc on and off you knew how to work one but there’s so much more to it than you think.

My first lesson and I have already been tested on my computer knowledge, the second lesson was formulas!  A formula on a piece of paper is hard enough without a computer!  My lessons are only an hour long on Wednesday afternoon so it’s hardly enough time to learn it all (I feel) but others had managed it so I guess that proves it’s adequate.

I really do enjoy going to college and I love the people that actually attend and that I spend my time with.
Although some of the work I’m doing is hard!  I feel it’s a good thing to be put into a room with people your own age that you share views, it gives you a little break from everyday working life and allows you to socialise with people that understand you and that share your likes and dislikes.

I didn’t want to go to college to start with and I really did dread it, I made that perfectly clear but once I had been there for a few hours I loved it!
I like the people, I like the place and I’m becoming more qualified as each week goes by.  Personally I feel its 100% worth it and if I could have started it sooner I definitely would have done.  Steve my Managing Director said that my becoming more highly qualified is making me more of a ‘asset to the company’

I have completed all my course work with help from Rosemary and my college tutor and have sat my first exam! I’m honestly not sure how it went, I find out my results in 7 weeks then I will let you know whether I’m going onto the higher level or redoing this level!


Just to let you know that it is still not too late to book up your place at the largest B2B event in the South East! It’s free to attend and you get the chance to see what Kent has to offer. Just click on the banner at the top of this page to take you to the official website where you can register. Come and see us on stand 179 – it’s our first trade show and some honest feedback will really be appreciated.


This year will be the first that we have attended as a delegate to any trade show and like most things in life, success can only be achieved by the right preparation.

Andy & I attended an exhibitors briefing earlier in the year which gave some assistance into the do’s and don’ts of a trade stand. This was our starting point and from this we started to put together a list of all the things that need to be agreed on prior to the event. This included:

  1. Decide what we are going to market/promote
  2. Decide on our message
  3. Decide who is going to man the stand and how many including dress code – stand team is to represent the business
  4. Decide and design the stand and order everything up
  5. Sort out targets for the day
  6. Sort out literature for the stand
  7. Do some Pre-event advertising including Blogs and Newsletter updates
  8. Work on how to introduce yourself/get a conversation going on the day
  9. Sort out how to record all enquiries
  10. Go through the online exhibitors manual and fill in all relevant forms, etc

We are well on the way to sorting out most of the above with the final few queries being resolved over the next couple of weeks. The stand has been designed with the artwork going off to print and additional literature has been produced. The team for the day has also been chosen and everyone involved is excited in anticipation.

On the day, there should be around 4,000 visitors and we know they will not all be right for us. However, our targets have been set and we are confident in the amount of leads we should generate. There is still a lot of work to do prior to the event but, as I mentioned earlier, preparation is key to this being successful.

Remember, we are on stand 179 at the Kent 2020 on Thursday 19th April. Come along and say hello for the chance to win a Kindle!


I recently attended a seminar on PR and want to share what I learnt. The following are a few pointers to assist you in producing and submitting a good PR piece.

PR Companies can be expensive so there is no reason you cannot produce your on PR piece if you know how to produce it and who to send it to. The first question to ask before doing any Press Release is ‘will this be interesting to the reader?’ Remember, you are not writing an advert.

Why PR?

  • An editorial is believed more than an advert
  • It most cases, it’s free

When sending in a PR piece:

  1. Your headline is to catch the News Desks attention – ie. RSPCA rescue fish from tree
  2. The first sentence is very important. Make sure it captures the attention and is in clear English with no jargon
  3. Include where possible quotes and case studies
  4. Interest the journalist:
    1. What’s the story?
    2. What makes it different or unusual?
    3. What is your message? (one message, not lots)
    4. Think pictures – this is the deal breaker. They do not want people smiling & shaking hands
    5. Who is your spokesperson? Give name, contact details and mobile phone number (as you may need to be contacted at any time by the journalist)
  5. You will not be able to normally include contact details on your PR piece so try to get the Company name or contact details in the photo.
  6. Keep your PR piece to 300/400 words max
  7. End the PR piece with the location of the Company, the size of the Company and what we do.
  8. Email your PR piece:
  1. Subject box – Put the headline, not ‘PR piece attached’
  2. Put the PR piece in the body of the email, not ‘letter attached’
  3. Finish off with ‘here’s a couple of photos to go with it’

Who are you sending your PR piece to and when?

  1. Send in your storey just after the last press release
  2. Ring first requesting to send in your PR piece. Get contact and email details
  3. Try and build a relationship with a journalist

After a Press Release:

  • Update your website (including the front page)
  • Take a copy of the PR piece and add to your marketing material (either photocopy the magazine or get a copy online)
  • See if a follow up could be done (ie how the business has moved forward in 3-6 months time)

Over the next couple of months I am going to be trying to do some PR myself and I’ll let you know how I get on. In the meantime, if you have any queries then please do not hesitate to drop me a line.


Waller Associates Ltd has set up a new recycling area at our yard in Bobbing, Sittingbourne, Kent.


As well as considering our planet we save money, time and manpower by using dedicated skips for each waste type, e.g. hardcore, plasterboard etc.


This supports our Environmental Policy and our continued commitment to reducing waste.

Environmental Policy (HS005)
Environmental Policy (HS005)
Environmental Policy (HS005).pdf
296.3 KiB

It’s now my 3rd week at Waller’s. For the first two weeks I was too tired to function let alone write a blog.

My first and second weeks were a bit of a blur, taking in the scenery, the people and getting to grips with the inner workings of the company.  My third week on the other hand has been a whole different story.

Rose is my main trainer and she has been so patient! It’s probably a good job too because some processes just haven’t gone in until she explained them 50 times and others she has said once and I’ve got it straight away. It’s strange how the brain works eh?

I have learnt lots of new office skills, such as answering the phone in the correct manner, preparing and sending out invoices, writing and following procedures, making labels, sending various emails in different communication formats, making Christmas event letters and started my college work. It doesn’t sound very interesting does it? But believe it or not some of this has been quite interesting as well as challenging!

My favourite job so far is invoicing, I like talking to new people when taking orders and I like the challenge, it is difficult to get your head round. It has been the hardest thing to learn but I didn’t give up and I’ve finally got there.

The people here at Waller Associates are very funny! Ro makes me laugh 100 times a day, Steve our managing director is very particular and likes to change everything and as for the men in the top offices! We will come to them on my next blog!

I generally do enjoy working at Waller world and I can’t believe it’s Friday! I’ve been here 3 weeks and I feel like I’ve been here forever!


Our new look website is now live. If you have not yet seen this take a look: The new improved website includes blogs, newsletters, photos, staff contacts and much much more.

Please let us know what you think – we value all your comments. We are also interested in new website partners – anyone who is interested in having a link from our website where there may be mutual benefit, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your requirements further.

The E-commerce section of the website is in construction and by April you will be able to place orders on-line.

Investors In People Award 

We are proud to announce that we have been reaccredited with the Investors in People award. We are one of just a handful of construction firms that hold the qualification.

Our standard was greatly improved since the last review and we received feedback that our employees and subcontractors enjoyed working for Waller Associates Ltd which is brilliant news!

Customer Feedback Winner 

The first winner of our Customer Feedback draw was Mrs Burr pictured with our Surveying Manager, Martin Ravenscroft. We invite all clients to complete a customer feedback form providing us with valuable feedback in return for submission into our draw. Mrs Burr is a client who we carried out work for on behalf of a local housing association.

Subcontractors Alliance Agreement

All subcontractors were invited to a meeting on 6.1.11 where we updated everyone on our strategy and pipeline, what they can expect from us and what we expect from them which has been summarised in the Subcontractors Alliance Agreement. The meeting was very well attended and we have had some good feedback and have noticed significant improvements in how invoices are submitted.

Glazing Special

Please see over for our Waller Glazing Services special.

People News

  • Lesley Waller has joined Waller Glazing Services as Glazing Administrator
  • Colin Holland has received an award for 10 years active service with Waller Building Services

Training News

  • Steve has attended the Kent Business School workshop
  • Andy Waller and Paul Hayward have attended an Asbestos Awareness Course
  • Paul Hayward and Andy Waller have passed their ConstructionSkills Supervisors Health and Safety Test.

George’s Cup

  • In memory of George Waller, who died just before Christmas, ‘The George’s Cup’ has been established for winners of company events. George was Bill Waller’s brother and previously worked for Waller Associates Ltd. The first proud recipient of the cup is Mr Colin Holland – who scored a magnificent 202 at the Christmas bowling event.