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Horticultural Glass

Horticultural Glass

Horticultural glass (or greenhouse glass as it is sometimes known) is not something Waller Glazing Services stocked until now!

I carried out some research on ‘ horticultural glass’ as I had heard a few customers ask if we sell it and the answer I gave has always been we do but we will have to order it in. Generally this is no good to people who only want one pane to repair their green house or to use it as a temporary solution.

With that I spoke to the glazing manager Paul and my managing director Steve and between us we decided that maybe we would become stockists of the item.

Horticultural glass is used mainly on greenhouses but may be used as temporary glass. Some people order a special type of glass or double glazed unit that could take a few weeks to come in so instead of boarding up a property/building while they are waiting on their glass to arrive they buy the cheapest glass as a temporary solution, which happens to be the horticultural glass.

We will be selling the horticultural glass in bulk or in individual pieces as from 7th September 2012.

If you are currently already buying Horticultural glass please come to us for a quote we have already beaten some of our other customer’s quotes so it could be worth your while!

We sell the glass in the following standard sizes:


610 x 610

610 x 457

1422 x 720

We will always have the glass in stock and we can cut down to size for you at any time!

Free Local Delivery on orders over £30!

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Call our telephone on: 01795 424435
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There will always be someone here that will be more than willing to help!