Sole stockist of Fire Door 60 minute Fire Rated Glass in Kent.

We Stock the following including Fire Door 60

  • 7.0mm Pyroguard 60 min Fire Glass – Fire Door 60
  • 7.2mm Pyroguard 30 min Fire Glass
  • Pyrostem Georgian Wire Polished Plate 60 min Fire Rated Glass
  • Georgian Wire Cast 30 min Fire Rated Glass


Waller Glazing is the sole stockist of 7mm Pyroguard FD60 in the south of England. 7mm Pyroguard FireDoor 60 has the following benefits:

  • it is cheaper than other clear 60 minute Fire Glass
  • it is lighter
  • is readily available
  • and as we hold this Fire Glass in stock it can be cut to size and delivered the next day.

7mm Pyroguard 60 minute Fire Rated Glass:

Developed specifically for the UK fire door market, FireDoor 60 was the first 7mm laminated 60 minute fire safety glass which can be cut by hand. This Fire Resistant Glass product has test certification for use in Document M vision panels of 300mm (width) to 1400mm (height) and offers an impact safety rating of 3B3, sound reduction of up to 34dB in specific door systems and 87 per cent light transmission.

7.2mm Pyroguard 30 minute Fire Rated Glass

A non-insulated, clear 3-ply laminated glass with 30 minute Fire Rated Glass integrity, rated to UK fire standard BS 476 part 20, plus the added benefit of radiation control. Pyroguard 7.2mm 30 minute Fire Resistant Glass is also Class B impact safety tested to UK Standard BS 6206 and Class 2B2 to EN12600 (Europe). 7.2mm Pyroguard can be used internally and externally.

Pyrostem Georgian Wire Polished Plate 60min Fire Rated Glass

Clear, wired glass, providing fire integrity also stocked.

  • Suitable for incorporation in a wide range of framing systems and applications. Installation parameters vary with required performance.
  • Integrity to EN 135001-2 (maximum): 60 minutes.
  • Impact resistance rated to EN 12600 (minimum): 3B3.
  • Cuttable.
  • Retains performance when inclined up to 10° from vertical.

We can order in:

11.4mm Pyroguard 60 min Fire Glass
15.00mm Pyroguard 60 min Fire Glass