Waller Glazing Services installed Pyroguard FireDoor 60, the specialist fire door glazing product from CGI International, throughout the new Silverstone Wing at the UK’s flagship racing circuit.

Programme delivery

Installed as vision panels in over 50 doors throughout the new wing, Waller Glazing Services value engineered the original fire glass specification with Pyroguard FireDoor 60 – to achieve time, cost and labour savings as compared with the 11mm product usually specified for 60 minute applications.

Specified as vision panels for fire doors, the slim 7mm profile of Pyroguard FireDoor 60 enabled the product to be cut on-site and ultimately drive efficiencies with the site programme.

Steve Waller, Managing Director, Waller Glazing Services, explains: “Speed of turn around and cost were two prevailing factors on this project. As a lighter and more cost effective product than 11mm glazing, Pyroguard FireDoor 60 was much quicker to install and at only 7mm thick, could be cut by hand on-site.”

About FireDoor 60

Developed specifically for the UK fire door market, FireDoor 60 was the first 7mm laminated 60 minute fire safety glass which can be cut by hand. The product has test certification for use in Document M vision panels of 300mm (width) to 1400mm (height) and offers an impact safety rating of 3B3, sound reduction of up to 34dB in specific door systems and 87 per cent light transmission.



After a successful Dragon’s Den at Archbishop’s School, Canterbury, I was asked to be a Dragon once more at Highsted Grammar School, Sittingbourne. It was a great experience again for myself and congratulations to all the girls who made their pitch.

The event was reported in the Sittingbourne News Extra and a copy is attached which details what went on during the day. The winner of the day will now go forward to the grand final against other schools in the region.



I recently attended a seminar on PR and want to share what I learnt. The following are a few pointers to assist you in producing and submitting a good PR piece.

PR Companies can be expensive so there is no reason you cannot produce your on PR piece if you know how to produce it and who to send it to. The first question to ask before doing any Press Release is ‘will this be interesting to the reader?’ Remember, you are not writing an advert.

Why PR?

  • An editorial is believed more than an advert
  • It most cases, it’s free

When sending in a PR piece:

  1. Your headline is to catch the News Desks attention – ie. RSPCA rescue fish from tree
  2. The first sentence is very important. Make sure it captures the attention and is in clear English with no jargon
  3. Include where possible quotes and case studies
  4. Interest the journalist:
    1. What’s the story?
    2. What makes it different or unusual?
    3. What is your message? (one message, not lots)
    4. Think pictures – this is the deal breaker. They do not want people smiling & shaking hands
    5. Who is your spokesperson? Give name, contact details and mobile phone number (as you may need to be contacted at any time by the journalist)
  5. You will not be able to normally include contact details on your PR piece so try to get the Company name or contact details in the photo.
  6. Keep your PR piece to 300/400 words max
  7. End the PR piece with the location of the Company, the size of the Company and what we do.
  8. Email your PR piece:
  1. Subject box – Put the headline, not ‘PR piece attached’
  2. Put the PR piece in the body of the email, not ‘letter attached’
  3. Finish off with ‘here’s a couple of photos to go with it’

Who are you sending your PR piece to and when?

  1. Send in your storey just after the last press release
  2. Ring first requesting to send in your PR piece. Get contact and email details
  3. Try and build a relationship with a journalist

After a Press Release:

  • Update your website (including the front page)
  • Take a copy of the PR piece and add to your marketing material (either photocopy the magazine or get a copy online)
  • See if a follow up could be done (ie how the business has moved forward in 3-6 months time)

Over the next couple of months I am going to be trying to do some PR myself and I’ll let you know how I get on. In the meantime, if you have any queries then please do not hesitate to drop me a line.


Waller Associates Ltd has set up a new recycling area at our yard in Bobbing, Sittingbourne, Kent.


As well as considering our planet we save money, time and manpower by using dedicated skips for each waste type, e.g. hardcore, plasterboard etc.


This supports our Environmental Policy and our continued commitment to reducing waste.

Environmental Policy (HS005)
Environmental Policy (HS005)
Environmental Policy (HS005).pdf
296.3 KiB

If you are intending to carry out a building project you will need to know if the Building Regulations apply and if the Local Authority need to get involved.

As there are so many different types of building works that can be undertaken, I would strongly suggest that you read the following explanatory booklet:

Building Regulations Explanatory Booklet

This should, hopefully, answer any queries you may have but if you require any further advice then please do not hesitate to contact me and I will try to help.


On the 19th April, 2012, we will be exhibiting for the first time at the Kent 2020 B2B event. Without doubt, Kent 2020 is the county’s leading B2B event with over 300 exhibitors and 4,000 visitors!

We are planning now for a productive day with a number of special offers in the pipeline. These include free ten-year service agreements on new windows and doors for commercial premises and complimentary site surveys to check for safety and fire protection.

If you have a business in the Kent region I would strongly recommend you come along to do some networking and to see what Kent has to offer.  It’s a free event so why not register as a visitor at www.kent2020.co.uk

Come visit us at stand 179 for your chance to win a brand new Kindle!


Recently, I attended a marketing seminar which I found very beneficial and I would like to share with you. Nothing that we discussed was rocket science but sometimes we try to complicate things to our own detriment! Below are 15 simple things to remember when producing any type of marketing material which I hope you will find useful. The following applies to all forms of written marketing; flyers, brochures, adverts, web site, etc:

1. Firstly, there is NO difference between B2B or domestic clients. Their behaviour is the same so the marketing style/layout should be exactly the same.

2. When looking at marketing material 80% of people look at the 2nd quarter of a page first so this is where the headline should be (just like a newspaper – the headline is not at the top of the page). People scan a page in the following order:


3. Focus on `What’s in it for the Customer’ rather than list what you do. People are attracted by what your product or service will do for them. They should not be about you or about what you do Statements should state BENEFITS, not FEATURES first. Benefits should be backed up by features. Example: `We have been established for over 15 years, ensuring customer confidence that we will be here in the future should we be needed’.

This should read: `You can be confident that we will be here in the future as we have been established for over 15 years’

4. Choose a maximum of three significant target outcomes (benefits) for the client and list them. Also, concentrate on customer outcomes (benefits to them) rather than trying to sell the product.

5. Do not use words in adverts like: CAN & MAY (they are not definite) or WILL (implies the future rather than the present). We could change the above example again bearing this in mind: `Be confident that we are around in the future as we have been established for over 15 years’.

6. How to test an advert: Imagine it is blown up and at the back of a trade stand. Would it grab your attention?

7. Ensure your message is specific to the people you want. Ensure it is not aimed at the people you do not want. Adjust your add as necessary to ensure this. Do not try to be all things to all people as you could switch off your core clients.

8. Use specific marketing for each type of audience. Use targeted marketing rather than ‘one advert fits all’.

9. When writing out marketing material, write it how you would speak it rather than in another format. i.e. `Greater sound reductions’ should be something like `your rooms will be quieter’.

10. Headlines MUST get you to want to read further. They do not necessarily have to be short. Long headlines work IF it is about the consumer and not about you (up to 10-15 words can be read in 2 seconds). NEVER use capitals as it takes longer to read due to pattern reading and do not use Italics as they are only meant for notes.

11. Use white space around key pieces of information.

12. Pictures & images are needed but words are always required to confirm the outcome. Words are always stronger than images.

13. When advertising in magazines, do market research first – ask 10 core clients what magazines, directories & papers etc. they read.

14. Say what others don’t – stating the obvious can sometimes set you apart.

15. Need to ensure customer desire and your own credibility. Where possible, use case studies, research results & testimonials.

I hope you find the above help when writing your next piece of marketing material. If you need any help then please feel free to contact me.


I was recently asked by Connexions to assist them mentor some students at Archbishops School, Canterbury. Connexions is a company that help young adults aged between 13 & 19 by providing them with information, advice and guidance and what they asked me to do, along with other business owners, was to spend a couple of days helping the students develop a business idea and then pitch it to us in a Dragon’s Den style.

The day starts with an introduction of business in general to the students after which, they are put into groups of four. They then play a game called ‘Idealopoly’ which is basically a storyboard where a twenty year old and his granny come across everyday problems. From this they have to come up with a business idea that will help solve one or more of the problems in the story.

These small groups then spend the rest of the day developing their business idea and, with our help as mentors, they have to produce a business pitch to put before the Dragons! Their pitch needed to include such things as:

  • A  company and product name together with a logo
  • A  complete understanding of the product or service they have produced including its features and benefits
  • A  marketing plan including identifying the target market & where is it going to be sold
  • A  financial plan with a breakdown of fixed and variable costs, manufacturing costs per unit & selling price per unit
  • A  theme board which is a visualization of the product and what it does

Once their business idea had been produced and practiced they would then pitch it in a first round knockout with the winners going through to the ‘Dragon’s Den Final’.

Well, I have just spent the last two days at the school and overall, I was extremely impressed with the effort and ability shown by these students. Most of them embraced the day and came up with some excellent concepts:

  • Easylid – a patented new type of can that can be opened by those with arthritis
  • Smart Stove – a cooker that had sensors on it which detected when food was overcooking and automatically turned it down
  • First Help – An emergency bracelet for use in care homes that called specialist carers when the wearer was in trouble
  • Remind Me – A bar code reader that went in your fridge and detected when food was going out of date or running out and sent you a text message to inform you

What I also liked about this concept was the idea of competition with one overall winner. Nowadays, schools seem to be shying away from competitiveness so it was refreshing to let these students know that business is all about beating and staying one step ahead of your competitors.

The students were all aged between 14 & 15 with no business studies under their belt. What they achieved in a short space of time was quite impressive and it was a privilege to work with them.

Steve Waller
Managing Director


At our team management meeting held in October various issues were discussed and below are just a few that you might find of interest.

Paula is in the process of completing PPQ’s in the new format for Orbit Housing and Harrow which is now a requirement to enable us to submit tenders for these organisations – very important task.

The fourth stage of fliers advertising Waller Glazing Services has been distributed in the Swale Area and we await to see what kind of response we get from them. Also advertising boards are now in stock and on display outside one property where Waller Glazing has carried out works.

As we are the main stockist for Pyroguard Glass a price list is being distributed to Joineries and providers of fire rated doors by Mark Holdsworth, our Customer Relations Manager. Mark is also distributing Emergency repair kits for glass around the Swale and Medway Schools.

We are pleased to announce we have an Office Assistant Apprentice, Miss Samantha Clayton who will be joining the team in November.

Christmas will soon be upon us and as a run up to the festive season it has been agreed we will have a Christmas Challenge. All the staff at Head Office will enter a competition to compose a jingle or Christmas Message and the winning entry (which will be judged by Steve) will be used instead of our present hold music over the Christmas period.

It was agreed that the annual Waller Associates Christmas Celebrations will begin with lunch at Millers in Milton Regis on 21st December 2011 to be followed by the Waller Bowling Challenge Evening on the same day – invitations will soon be distributed.

The next company development meeting will take place on 18th November 2011.


Sage Pay is available at Waller Glazing Service to take credit card payments. We are also looking at setting up a ‘virtual terminal’ to enable slicker payment processing.

We have arranged some new telephone ‘hold’ music to make your telephone conversations with Waller Associates an even more professional and pleasurable experience!

We now have a designated recycling area in our yard with skips to fully separate recyclable waste.

Mark Holdsworth joined the team at Waller Associates Ltd on Monday 3rd October as our new Customer Relationship Manager.  Mark will shortly be distributing the glazing emergency repair kits to schools in Swale and Medway.

A fourth flier for Waller Glazing Services is planned in the Sittingbourne area before Christmas.  Boards are to be made up for future advertising.

We are the main stockist for Pyroguard glazing providing next day delivery for customer in the majority of cases.

The dressage joint venture with Jackson Fencing is going ahead.  Work is in progress determining prices.

Initial interviews have been carried out for the Office Assistant Apprenticeship Vacancy.

Waller Associates have a new server for greater IT protection and giving greater ability to share and access files.

The next company development meeting will take place on 21.10.11.