As part of Biffa’s 25-year contract with West Sussex County Council to treat the County’s residual municipal waste, Waller Glazing Services were chosen to supply and fix Smart aluminium double glazed windows to the viewing galleries.

The facility will divert up to 80{5649ae563538d4e4143b9a1c2946af7df32b9f4b4d437e9732645a466ec43c51} of West Sussex’s residual waste (327,000 tonnes per year) away from landfill and use it as a resource to produce renewable energy. Presently, 85{5649ae563538d4e4143b9a1c2946af7df32b9f4b4d437e9732645a466ec43c51} of household waste goes to landfill so this is a significant reduction. It will also reduce the carbon footprint of household waste management in the County.

We were required to form a quiet, airy and light viewing gallery four storeys above the main recycling area.  To meet the required sound levels, the double glazed units were constructed from two layers of 8.8mm laminated with a 32mm cavity.  Due to the weight of the units, everything had to be lifted up to our working area by cranes.

Local children will now be able to view the new recycling machines at work from behind our windows.

There are another 60 recycling plants planned to be built across the country, all with viewing galleries and we are hoping to be the preferred supplier on every one.


Last Thursday I was fortunate to be invited to a taster session of the Employment Law Club.

After an initial meet and greet and delicious lunch we had a review of the latest Employment Case Law which highlighted a wide range of employment topics such as holiday entitlement under the Working Time Directive, types and changes to the employment contract, TUPE and discrimination in the workplace.

It was interesting to examine and discuss case law to see common mistakes made by employers and which policies and practices could  have prevented litigation.  We looked at how organisations around the table have tackled similar or related issues and gained a legal and experienced HR professional insight.  We also briefly looked at forthcoming changes in employment legislation.

All in all, I learnt a lot, will incorporate some brilliant ideas into our processes and practices and met some vibrant and interesting people with a wealth of experience and a genuine desire to learn and share.


This week I have been on work experience at Waller Associates. I have been working in the office, going out giving quotes and been delivering and picking up. I have been to all different places such as schools, people’s houses, council houses and suppliers.

At the start of the week I was nervous and I didn’t really know what I was expected to do. But as the week went on I gained more confidence and I was able to enjoy the experience. I have been able to experience all aspects of the business.

Day One

On my first day I was working with Sam and Rose in the Office. When I was working in the Office I opened the post and gave it to Sam who distributed it out to who it went to. I was shown round the yard and office and got introduced to everybody. I had a look at the company’s website and a look at their blogs. I got show Sage accounts that the company use to keep a record of everything. Then I got show an excel spread sheet that works out the price for the company, to save time and makes it easier.

Day Two

On Tuesday I got to go out with Mark and Martin.   We went to Alford Primary School and Maidstone grammar school for girls.  At the schools they measured out the job that the schools where thinking of doing and they took the information pack to the office for them to give them a quote.

When I got back I made a flow diagram for stock check of the glass.  Then after that I went to the glazing room and got shown what they did there. When I was there I wrote on stickers to be stuck on the glass to show what glass it was.

When I got back to the Office I had some answering the phone training but unfortunately it didn’t ring.
I made the front cover for the Glass stock check folder then once I had finished that I went with Mark to deliver some glass to North Kent joiners.

Day Three

I went out with Colin, we had picked up things for a house that they were turning into two.  We went to pick up some more things then we went to Tonbridge wells to drop off what we picked up earlier and I had a look at the job that they were doing there.  After that we had to go to the council to drop off a letter.  Then we went to a private job to pick up a load of waste materiel then take it back to the yard to be sorted and then burnt.

Day Four

On Thursday I went out with Mark, first we had to go to one of our suppliers to get some glass cut.  Then we had to go all the way to Dartford to drop off some glass.  Then even longer we had to go to Essex to drop off some glass.  When I came back I made a poster that’s purpose was to remind people to never leave the yard without a paper trail, for example a delivery note for when your leaving with glass.

Day Five

On Friday the last day of work experience I went to Tonbridge wells again but this time I went with Andy.  When we were out we went to a job where they put in a ramp for a wheelchair to go round to the back door.  Andy had to measure the wall and the ramp so that they could put a fence in.  After we had finished that job we went to a private job where there was a problem with waste from the toilet, so Andy measured the distance from the window to the drain pipe.  Then when we were there we took some rubbish off of the man to me burnt.  When we got back I had to do some filing and sorting out the office.

Work experience has been an enjoyable occasion for me and has given me an insight into what the work environment is like.  I have seen a variety of jobs whilst on work experience with Waller Associates, and it has let me experience the different aspects of the company.  I would like to say thank you to Waller Associates for giving me the chance to gain some experience of the working environment.

Cameron Corbishley


Preparations are now well under way for the EduKent Expo & Conference being held at the Kent County Showground on 27th September 2012.

We have designed our stand incorporating our company colours, values and beliefs and will be promoting Building and Glazing Services within the education sector. We are currently working with a number of schools in Kent including Meopham School, Wayfield Children’s Centre, Chatham, Thomas Aveling School, Rochester, Maidstone Grammar School for Girls, St Michael’s Junior School, Maidstone & Stone Bay School, Broadstairs.

Images of the above schools, as well as other schools & academies we have worked with will be on display at the exhibition. Works include replacement windows & doors, classroom refurbishment, toilet block refurbishments, structural works incorporating new entrance door installation & external works to playgrounds.

We are also currently in the process of carrying out our Waller Glazing Services annual service agreement for several schools who had windows installed last year. This involves our operatives checking all windows and doors that have been fitted. All working parts will be lubricated as necessary and any minor adjustments required will be carried out. This service is free and will be carried out annually for ten years.

Our Emergency Glazing Repair Kits which have been distributed over the past 8 months are also producing great results with emergency repairs being carried out at South Avenue Infant School, Sittingbourne, Grove Park Community Primary School, Sittingbourne, St Mary of Charity Primary School, Faversham & St Mary’s Island Primary School, Chatham.  If you have not yet received one of our Emergency Glazing Repair Kits please see our Customer Relations Manager on our stand.

If you are interested in attending this free event or would like further information please refer to the following website  Waller Building & Glazing will be on stand 231.

We look forward to seeing you there!



College is interesting to say the least! My first day at college I only enrolled so basically got my badge, took a look around, found out where my class room was and then left. The second day was more interesting, out of a class of twelve students, only two turned up! My teacher Lisa is lovely, she knows who Waller Associates are as her dad worked for them many years ago.

ICT was not my favourite subject at school and even now I’m not a fan of it, I genuinely thought as long as you knew how to turn a pc on and off you knew how to work one but there’s so much more to it than you think.

My first lesson and I have already been tested on my computer knowledge, the second lesson was formulas!  A formula on a piece of paper is hard enough without a computer!  My lessons are only an hour long on Wednesday afternoon so it’s hardly enough time to learn it all (I feel) but others had managed it so I guess that proves it’s adequate.

I really do enjoy going to college and I love the people that actually attend and that I spend my time with.
Although some of the work I’m doing is hard!  I feel it’s a good thing to be put into a room with people your own age that you share views, it gives you a little break from everyday working life and allows you to socialise with people that understand you and that share your likes and dislikes.

I didn’t want to go to college to start with and I really did dread it, I made that perfectly clear but once I had been there for a few hours I loved it!
I like the people, I like the place and I’m becoming more qualified as each week goes by.  Personally I feel its 100% worth it and if I could have started it sooner I definitely would have done.  Steve my Managing Director said that my becoming more highly qualified is making me more of a ‘asset to the company’

I have completed all my course work with help from Rosemary and my college tutor and have sat my first exam! I’m honestly not sure how it went, I find out my results in 7 weeks then I will let you know whether I’m going onto the higher level or redoing this level!


The new school year is here and our arrangements have now been finalised for the EduKent Expo & Conference being held at the Kent County Showground on 27th September 2012. Waller Building & Glazing are very excited to be involved in this event and looking forward to meeting visitors to this exhibition.

We have been extremely busy over the summer holidays, undertaking several large projects for schools within Kent. These projects required Waller Building & Glazing to work to holiday deadlines to ensure the schools were ready for the new school year. Works included replacement windows & doors, classroom refurbishment, toilet block refurbishments and structural works incorporating new entrance door installation.

Our Customer Relations Manager will be continuing to deliver our Emergency Glazing Repair Kits which have proved to be very successful over the past 8 months. If you have not yet received one of our Emergency Glazing Repair Kits please see our Customer Relations Manager on our stand.

If you are interested in attending this free event or would like further information please refer to the following website Waller Building & Glazing will be on stand 231.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Waller Building & Glazing will be exhibiting at the EduKent Expo & Conference being held at the Kent County Showground on 27th September 2012.  EduKent is Kent’s leading event for the promotion and development of effective school management with a comprehensive exhibition of leading suppliers of services to schools and academies.

We feel this will be the ideal platform for Waller Associates Ltd to show the building & glazing services we have previously undertaken, are currently working on and also the range of services we can offer each individual school or academy.

This event is free to attend and is the largest exhibition and conference for the County’s Head Teachers, Finance Directors, Bursars, Business Managers, Governors, Local Authority education leaders, PTA’s, IT Managers and school leadership teams.

If you are interested in attending this event or would like further information please refer to the following website  Waller Building & Glazing will be on stand 231.