It’s now my 3rd week at Waller’s. For the first two weeks I was too tired to function let alone write a blog.

My first and second weeks were a bit of a blur, taking in the scenery, the people and getting to grips with the inner workings of the company.  My third week on the other hand has been a whole different story.

Rose is my main trainer and she has been so patient! It’s probably a good job too because some processes just haven’t gone in until she explained them 50 times and others she has said once and I’ve got it straight away. It’s strange how the brain works eh?

I have learnt lots of new office skills, such as answering the phone in the correct manner, preparing and sending out invoices, writing and following procedures, making labels, sending various emails in different communication formats, making Christmas event letters and started my college work. It doesn’t sound very interesting does it? But believe it or not some of this has been quite interesting as well as challenging!

My favourite job so far is invoicing, I like talking to new people when taking orders and I like the challenge, it is difficult to get your head round. It has been the hardest thing to learn but I didn’t give up and I’ve finally got there.

The people here at Waller Associates are very funny! Ro makes me laugh 100 times a day, Steve our managing director is very particular and likes to change everything and as for the men in the top offices! We will come to them on my next blog!

I generally do enjoy working at Waller world and I can’t believe it’s Friday! I’ve been here 3 weeks and I feel like I’ve been here forever!


At our team management meeting held in October various issues were discussed and below are just a few that you might find of interest.

Paula is in the process of completing PPQ’s in the new format for Orbit Housing and Harrow which is now a requirement to enable us to submit tenders for these organisations – very important task.

The fourth stage of fliers advertising Waller Glazing Services has been distributed in the Swale Area and we await to see what kind of response we get from them. Also advertising boards are now in stock and on display outside one property where Waller Glazing has carried out works.

As we are the main stockist for Pyroguard Glass a price list is being distributed to Joineries and providers of fire rated doors by Mark Holdsworth, our Customer Relations Manager. Mark is also distributing Emergency repair kits for glass around the Swale and Medway Schools.

We are pleased to announce we have an Office Assistant Apprentice, Miss Samantha Clayton who will be joining the team in November.

Christmas will soon be upon us and as a run up to the festive season it has been agreed we will have a Christmas Challenge. All the staff at Head Office will enter a competition to compose a jingle or Christmas Message and the winning entry (which will be judged by Steve) will be used instead of our present hold music over the Christmas period.

It was agreed that the annual Waller Associates Christmas Celebrations will begin with lunch at Millers in Milton Regis on 21st December 2011 to be followed by the Waller Bowling Challenge Evening on the same day – invitations will soon be distributed.

The next company development meeting will take place on 18th November 2011.